Upcoming Tour!

21st March 2023

Yep, Holland is about to get us visiting for a long weekend and performing three gigs! Tours are always a great time, with singing, coaches, food, fun and choiroke (yes, it’s what you’d think it is!)

This weekend, the tour Tees arrived (as sported by our very own Nic and Chris) and for the eagle-eyed among you, you may spot that it says 2020 on them – that’s because it’s the 2020 tour that we are finally getting the chance to do! This was all planned for Easter of that year and then Covid happened…

This coming weekend we have our 10th Big Concert & Quiz and we are fortunate enough to get the Leas Cliff Hall as the venue for the evening – amazing! We are sold out for our evening of singing then another cracking quiz – and all to raise money for Holding On, Letting Go and Pilgrims Hospice. We’re aiming to collect £5k if we can.

One more week of season #38 to go and now only 24 days till tour! We can’t wait!

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