Ashford Sings! is a choir that firmly believes in doing things well – looking good and sounding good – and that’s going to take some practise. It is striking the right balance between wanting to work hard to create a great sound, while at the same time ensuring that rehearsals stay fun. Fun and enjoyment is where it’s at.



£4 / £3 (concessions)

(Allowances made at request)

Term Pass

£36 / £25 (concessions)

(11 weeks, non-refundable)

Time & Location

Sundays, 7.30 - 9pm

Ashford Vineyard

The Warehouse,

Brunswick Road,


TN23 1EH

Learning the songs and parts is by rote rather than through reading music. There isn’t an expectation that people need to be able to read music. More often than not, while songs are being learnt, their words will be shown via a projector.

The parts can be downloaded as MP3s (there’s a link on this page), where the words are also available and the ‘dots’ sometimes appear for the full-on musos among us. CDs are also made available at the rehearsals and copies of the words too.

Come along expecting to work hard and go home satisfied!

Technically, the choir comes under the charity of Pneuma Church and all charges are actually donations. The cost is £4 per rehearsal with students/OAPs paying just £3. If funds are that tight that even this small amount seems too much, then speak to one of the team, as allowances are made. Please don’t let money ever be the reason you don’t come. To help reduce costs further, you can buy a term pass if you wish, which is normally £36 for an adult and £25 for a concession. The upside is you get it cheaper, the downside is we can’t offer refunds.

The terms are normally 11 weeks.

What people get for their money is an hour-and-a-half’s fun, singing and laughs and unlimited tea, coffee, water & snacks for the evening! Good value in our book! The money is used to cover running costs and also to help offset big expenditures (paying towards a coach, paying for venue hire or refreshments). We also use some of the funds to help support people to join in with some of the choir activities. We have an assisted places fund that is topped up from the 90 Club and choir funds. What money is left after expenses, is used in the community in some way, either through Pneuma Church community projects or by donating to Pilgrims Hospice, our partnered charity.