So, what do we actually sing?
Our repertoire is largely pop and rock based and encompasses famous tunes from the last 40 years or so. We’re just as likely to be singing something by Simon and Garfunkel as we are by Girls Aloud or Take That, all with our own unique twist!

At Christmas, we always do one carol to supplement our Christmas songs – it’s a tradition! It’s a little like ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ meets ‘Glee!’

When it comes to accompaniment, sometimes we use a backing track and sometimes a piano. There are also some numbers for which we use just our voices – ‘acapella’

The songs we tackle start simply to ensure they’re done well and we make a good sound. No-one wants to hear an over-complicated arrangement that ends up sounding mediocre and messy. For some songs we also have some simple movements (swaying etc) that really add something to the performance – lots of fun!

Fun songs done in a way that makes us and audiences smile!