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Ashford Sings! is very proud to sponsor Pilgrims Hospice in Ashford.

Pilgrims Hospice is a charity providing palliative care free of charge to people in East Kent. They care for people with illnesses that cannot be cured including cancer, heart failure, respiratory conditions and neurological diseases. Care is provided from Ashford as well as other sites in Canterbury and Thanet, in patients’ homes and via community programmes. Support is also extended to families and carers.

AS! has had the chance to sing at Pilgrims Hospice on a number of occasions. To see how you can support, please check the Gigs page for further details!

We wanted to be intentional about supporting PH, so we set a target for the amount we’d like to raise. Our aim, by the end of 2011, was to have raised £1000! We smashed this target and actually ended up raising over £4500! Then we went for £5000 and the final total for 2012 was £5214.84 – brilliant! The total for 2013 was another amazing amount of money – £5065! Our grand total for Easter 2014 – Easter 2015 was an amazing £5597.82!

We’ve since changed when we reset the counter and work from one Big Concert & Quiz to the next, which is normally around June, so the running total is on the right.

In the meantime, to all the members of Ashford Sings! and to all our supporters, thank you for partnering with us to help support Pilgrims Hospice.