Singsalong! In the Room!

19th July 2021

Following some wonderful picnics where it has been so good to see each other again, we are hosting two Singsalongs! for people to reconnect around singing (rather than food!)

The first will be on Friday 30th July at 7:30pm at The Warehouse and will be just the hour, with no need to register or pay any money – just singing! We will have the ventilation on and doors open and feel free to wear a mask at any point if you would prefer to. There is also hand sanitiser and QR codes for people to make us of should they so wish. The second will be on Sunday 5th September at 3pm, also at The Warehouse.

We are so excited at the prospect of getting back together and, while we know some people will be nervous after such a long time away, we also recognise the importance of being together and the positive effect on our physical and mental health to be able to get together to sing! Do come along, even if you’re brand new!

Two last things – words will be on the screen, so you won’t need to bring anything more than yourselves and a bottle of water should you so wish. Also, make sure you check with people before you launch in for a long pent up hug!!

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