I’ve just paid my money at the door, what is that used for?

6th August 2019

Well, AS! is run under the charity of Pneuma Church and the choir doesn’t pay anyone a salary. The money covers some expenses (equipment, tour recces, some items of clothing etc) and also pays to keep the thing running! That’s where a lot of the money goes. Aside from that, a contribution is made to Pneuma Church for the use of the premises and this money specifically goes for use in the various projects in the community and in bringing life to the city (we think maybe one day Ashford will be a city!)

Sometimes, we make a donation towards Pilgrims Hospice for whom we have raised over £50,000 since the choir started! It’s an amazing amount of money! They are our chosen charity that we invariably will have collection pots out for at gigs. Over the years we have raised money for, and supported, many, many schools and charities. Occasionally, we charge to do a gig and when we do, we give that money to charity too! By the way, we’ve sung at a number of choir weddings too!

Technically, the money is a donation and we may ask you to complete a Gift Aid form if you pay tax, as Pneuma Church can recover extra money at no cost to you, to further their valuable work in the community.

We always look to keep the cost low and there hasn’t been a price increase since about 2017! That said, money is never allowed to be a reason you don’t come, so if you’re having problems, then you can come and speak to either Chris or Nic and they will help to find a way!

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